Peca joins Blue Jackets

Michael Peca has been one of my favourite players in the NHL and I have tried to follow his career as he moved from Buffalo to the Islanders to Edmonton to Toronto (he has also previously played for Vancouver). And now the 2 time Frank J Selke trophy winner has joined his 6 th club in the NHL by signing a 1 year contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Peca, 33, is an 11-year NHL veteran who has registered 164 goals and 245 assists for 409 points with 676 penalty minutes. His last season was cut short when he suffered a broken leg in Chicago on the 22nd of December. He has reached the Stanley Cup finals once with Edmonton & once with Buffalo, losing it both times. He was also captain of Buffalo & of the Islanders as well. He has also won Olympic gold with Team Canada in 2002.

2 thoughts on “Peca joins Blue Jackets

  1. Peca’s got everything going for him, except for one issue: He seems to think that anything less than top-billing is an insult. He would have a much better chance of being a top-line player and contributing to a Cup contender if he had stayed in Toronto, or if he had gone to the Rangers (where rumours placed him many times!) he would have been on a truly stacked team, but instead he had to go to Columbus because of the fact that they offered the most money. I respect him as a man of many talents, and would take him in a heartbeat if my team (the Canucks) weren’t already so stacked with defensive-minded forwards, but until he gets over this idea that money should dictate one’s career, he won’t ever be a winner.

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