Pecking In The Bus

I  got into the bus at around 7:40 pm and got a seat at the last seat at the back of the bus. The ride from Kalamassery till Palarivattom was uneventful. At this point there were few seats left but a lot of standing room left. A couple of people got in at Palarivattom and among them was this gent who, as he was climbing up the two steps into the bus, was struggling with two big grocery shopping bags that seemed to be filled with something really big.

He got in and sat down right next to me. I didn’t pay much attention to him until I just happened to look over and noticed that his bags were moving. They were fucking moving! I could hear flapping noises and like wings hitting the plastic of the bags. He has two live hens in his bags! Live chickens! I asked him where he was taking those live chickens and he said that he was so tired of frozen chicken from all the stores so he just had to get two live ones and he was taking them home, where he would kill them and then cut them and cook them. Technodoll will shudder!

That was the weirdness for the day! Live chickens traveling in a bus!

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