Perfect Companion

 If you could have any pet, what kind of animal would it be? Why?

I think this should be a given by now and one of the least secretive things about me but I love dogs. As much as I love cats and would love to have a couple in my family, I prefer dogs. I have had 2 cats as pets and at one point my sister and I took care of 4 strays who’s mother birthed them inside out storage room for a few days. But I have had a dog for 11 years and take care of another dog for 1 year and I miss having dogs.

So if I could have any pet I would get a dog and I would want a Golden Retriever. They are the best. Second would be a Labrador retriever as they are very alike. Ah, to have the love of a dog with you. You know what, since we are making wishes, I just want my Shawny back. I wish I could get her back once again as a puppy and we can spend all her life making sure she is loved and pampered. She really was the best.

When I see pics or videos of dogs and the relationship they have with their humans, I get a twinge in my heart. It’s a combination of envy and jealousy with a big dash of missing what I used to have. Someday I guess I will have another dog in my life. And I want it to be a female dog, because the two dogs that I have taken care of were both female and I guess I associate that companionship, loyalty & love to the female of the dog species.

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