Perfect Little Apartment

flash gordon online Yesterday one of the guys in my team finalized on an apartment that he wanted to rent. It’s actually a house, with the owners living on the ground floor and a dainty little apartment that they had additionally built on the first floor. The entrance and stairway is to the side of the house. He seemed to like it so much and wanted it real bad. This guy had recently been married (September) and wanted to bring his wife to Cochin from his hometown of Kollam. So I went along with him when it was time to finalize the deal and as it was just 5 minutes away from our office.

It’s neat and looks new when compares to the main part of the house. The owner took us up as my colleague showed me the apartment – two bedrooms, a small living room, a tiny but good enough kitchen and a small bathroom. It’s quaint, it’s petite and it’s almost perfect. For a recently married guy and his wife to stay on rent while he works in Cochin, it’s an extremely good place to live in. He’s been looking forward to finding a suitable place to stay with his wife as he was tired of the men’s hostel that he was staying in. Who wouldn’t? And now she can find a job in the city and they can easily afford the Rs.3500 (including water + electricity charges) as rent. Just like said perfect for a recently married couple with no kids.

Or for a rocking bachelor! Who am I talking about? Me, that’s who! A quite little place of my own, plug in a computer with broadband, cable tv and have my own place. This is the kind of place that I have been dreaming about. I would be very happy in a place like this. Only thing is at my current salary, Rs.3500 is a bit steep for a bachelor to shell out. And that too with my family in the same city, I know my relatives would create havoc. Sigh, the perils of living in a place like this.

Someday, I will find my own castle. Someday!

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