Pick Me Up, I’m Feeling Down

I was feeling down in the dumps today. The whole day I was just moody. We’ve been having water shortage in our building due to a burst that happened on Sunday. Complications still arose on Monday & today and at times there was no water at all coming in through the pipes. That just pisses me off. It looks to be fixed by this evening and I hope that’s the last we hear about that.

I hadn’t heard from a couple of places that I had applied for jobs and was feeling down as I’ve been searching very strongly & regularly for a little over 3 months now and I’ve only had positive responses from 2 places and I don’t know if either of them are going to offer me the job. I do know that I’ve completed final rounds of interviews at both places and now it’s up to them but it’s taking too long.

At 6pm I took a shower, a long one at that, shaved and got dressed. I went to a cafe and had a nice cold coffee and a snack as I watched a new channel go on & on about two topics that seem to be big in India at the moment. One is the government demanding the resignation of the Indian Army chief because of his age. And the second one is the visit of author Salman Rushdie, who has pissed of the religious leaders & the conservative nutcases in India. Some want to bar him from coming to India (he was born in India but has British nationality, so I guess they could stop him). I then took a long walk and bought some stuff for home.

Next I went to my favourite bar, got me a bomber bottle of beer, a plate of chicken 65 and sat right near the big screen tv and watched a mafia-corrupt police themed Malayalam movie. Shitty movie I must say but the sexy dancing of Swetha Menon in one of the songs was alluring, to say the least And I came back home just before 10pm and am chilling in my bedroom.

3 thoughts on “Pick Me Up, I’m Feeling Down

  1. It seems the religious nut cases are out in full force these days, shutting down talks in London, silencing Rushdie, threatening 16 year old girls and 17 year old boys. Hope your general infrastructure woes are resolved for now and you’re feeling a bit more cheered up.

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