Pics From Marine Drive Walkway

Don’t you love the sea and the ocean? Cochin is truly a coastal city and we have the Arabian Sea next to us and tourists and locals like me alike love to go on boat rides (although I haven’t gone for one in a couple of years).

The most common are these simple boats with just the basic stuff, that you can rent for Rs.100 per head for an hour’s ride around the area (or is it two hours? I forget!). There are house boats that you rent as well which are much, much more expensive. I’ve been on a few no frills house boats (two decks, wicker chairs, cd player included) but there are more luxurious houseboats that cater to rich people, that you can rent and relax in.

The big complain I have is that the Marine drive area waters – the place is filthy. So much rubbish and plastic bottles and who knows what else is dumped by irresponsible idiots. It’s a bit better these days as I think some cleaning project was taken up by the authorities but we still have a long way to go.

Last but not least, over population is a concern and so I’m glad that the railways at the edge have these boards that advertise Moods condoms, who sponsor the boards. Be safe!

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