Pizza On The Way Home

There are ways to make a really crappy day end on a happy note. Most evenings I get into the car of a colleague who takes me and two other colleagues on his way home. I get down at Palarivattom and then take a bus from there to my apartment. The other two live quite close to the owner of the car. Today there were 2 more colleagues and they both got down at Palarivattom with me and we were supposed to wait for a bus. Only we happened to look at the new Dominos hub that has opened opened up right next to the Palarivattom bus stop and got the same mind go through our minds at the same time.

We thought that we’d grab some pizza before going home and so we went right in and ordered the small four different pizzas that you get – all with chicken on it. The place was small and crowded and noisy as hell. We waited for about 15 minutes and they brought the four small boxes to our table and we proceeded to pour on the oregano spice thick and heavy and I also added some ketchup to mine. The pizzas were all delicious and we swapped slices so that all 3 of us got to have  atleast one slice of a different pizza. Bellies full we left happily for the bus stop and went home.

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