Pizza With A Cousin

I hadn’t had pizza since late December and I was hungry for some. Yesterday it so happened that I forgot to pack a lunch for work and ended up eating just a few biscuits in the afternoon. So I was hungry come 5pm and decided to meet up with my cousin Sujith for some pizza at the Dominos outlet in Palarivattom.

Well, I couldn’t pick up my lunch and actually Sujith & I had planned to meet up for pizza well in advance – we planned it the past Sunday and agreed to make it on Tuesday. Me not having had lunch was just a coincidence! But yes that did leave me famished by 5pm and so I quickly left the office and made my way to Palarivattom junction where Sujith would be waiting for me.

So we met at a half hour past 5 and went into the outlet and perused through the menu. We ordered a Zesty chicken and a chicken pizza with golden corn something. And two 600 mls cokes. It was a hot day, the weather turning a bi mean these past few days and we were happy to sip our cokes but not happy that there were a few flies in the place. A couple of them were bothering us!

So our boxes arrived and we tucked into our medium pies. we also shared a slice each of the other’s pizza and I must say that I preferred his better to mine. Anyway, we were happy to munch on our slices and chatted for a while.

This is his pizza!

And this was my pizza!

3 thoughts on “Pizza With A Cousin

  1. I prefer it to Pizza Hut but Dominos reduced the areas that they will deliver to, because of de-construction & rebuilding being done on a bridge and metro railway, which means that 2 & 3 wheelers have to take a much longer route. That sucks but Pizza Hut does still deliver to my area since their outlets are closer.

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