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I’m sure you have your own places to relax in and I have mine. Last Friday I spent almost all of the day outside and found time for a late brunch as I was feeling peckish and thirsty. At around 11 am I stepped into Fort Cafe, which is on the first floor of a rather small shopping mall on Convent Junction. They are open from 10am-10pm but it seems that they have more of a noon/lunch time rush leading onto the rest of the day, cause I was the only customer there when I stepped in at 11am and their first customer. The staff there weren’t all in the usual uniforms so I guess I’m correct when I say that I guess their business usually takes off at around noon.

I took my usual seat whenever I go there, which is once a month or so, and I took out a book to read as I relaxed there. I ordered one of my favourite sandwiches, a Mozzarella & chicken sandwich and a cold coffee chocolate. 15 minutes later I was deeply engrossed in the book and sipping my coffee and 10 minutes after that the sandwich arrived. It was almost noon when the next customer came in and 2 minutes later a couple of families took up a large table at one end. By the time I left the place was almost full.


Later in the day after the rest of my errands were done, I decided that I didn’t want a big lunch but what I wanted was beer. Iced cold beer and thought of hitting the Couchyn Bar next to the Grand hotel. So I got out of the hot sun and went in and sat at the very table that I have sat all 6 times that I been in there before. Being an elitist bar that wishes to keep out the riff raff and also serves foreign liquor that costs you ridiculous amounts for a couple of pegs, I always stick to the beer. However if you want Carlsberg or Tuborg, it is still pricier than most Indian made beer.  I ordered a Carlsberg and barbecued sausages. This is a great place to sit quietly and relax even if the food & drinks are much more expensive.  After the 650ml beer was done I wanted just another mug of beer so I asked them for a 330 ml bottle but they didn’t Carlsberg in that sizes so I opted for a Kingfisher Gold. The taste differences between these two beers is ever so much more obvious when you drink them one after the other.


Overall a very relaxing time in between errands and I enjoyed myself. A little walk later I was back at home and ready for a nap.

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