Poor Man’s Weekend Feast

With money being tight going out on a regular basis or even on a semi-regular basis is not really that possible. So for the weekend I have to make due with a budget so I can enjoy myself while I watch some football or movies in the comfort of my bedroom. So I went out to the store this evening and made a few purchases. For today evening I had a packet of cream biscuits – the cream was Vanilla and the cookie part was chocolate – along with my coffee. Dinner was the tried & tested masala instant noodles a la Maggi with 2 duck’s eggs that I scrambled and mixed with it. And ketchup. I had a 600 ml of Pepsi to wash down dinner.

Later on tonight at 11 pm I will be watching some football which will start at around 11pm. If I am not too sleepy once the game is done, I might watch an episode or two of  one of my favourite tv shows. Tomorrow will be an easy & simple day, some coffee and a light breakfast. Post lunch, which will be the usual rice, veggies and a curry, I will have some more biscuits with spicy & tangy peanuts for the evening while I watch either more football or a movie or two! Simple stuff and that is weekend enjoyment on a tight budget.

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