Power Down

So it’s a little past 11am on Wednesday and we have no power at home. This is a scheduled power outage as it is mentioned in the newspapers that the KSEB is conducting routine maintenance work in this area and hence power could be shut down for the area anytime between 10 am to 5 pm. I was hoping that it wouldn’t go for long but I doubt it will come back up before I leave for work at 3pm.

Luckily my clothes are ironed and all I need to do from now is to lie back in bed, drink some coffee or take a nap till 1:30 pm when I take a shower and a shave and then have lunch. Last night I reached home by 2:30 am and had a solid 6.5 hour sleep so I am good to go. I had wanted to catch up on some TV shows but no power means no internet/computer/tv.

Maybe I should go out for an hour and get a cool drink or have lunch outside. I have a hankering for pizza not having had any in a while. I am typing this blog post using a new app for me called “CutePress”.

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