Prank Calls

Did you make prank calls when you were a kid or teen?

Yes but not often. I used to sometime prank my own mom. I would call and change my voice as much as I could and ask for my dad or me and pretend it’s the electricity board or the school/college or the police and say that I or my dad is in trouble or needs to come to the phone now. And I have made my cousin change her voice and pretend to be a girl I was going out with and was asking for me on April 1st.

I remember once back in the late 1980s a couple of my cousins and I were bored one afternoon in Trivandrum and prank called a bunch of people using fake names and celebrity names and asking for other celebrities who we insisted lived in their homes. We were like 10-12 years old and giggling uncontrollably even before we could finish asking for the person we wanted to speak to.

But other than that I can’t remember ever making prank calls. Once in a while I have pranked my own mum because that is funny as hell.

Prompt from 31 Days Of October Writing Prompts at The SitsGirls

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