Pre-Wedding Jitters In Tv Shows

Romance-Drama rule in tv shows/movies : the woman (usually the lead or second lead actress) would have known the guy for years, been sleeping with him for 4-5, basically living together and are known as a couple to everyone who knows them, go to all events & functions as a couple but…..

When the time finally comes for the wedding to take place, just before she is to get married “I don’t know if I can do this!” Typical cliched stuff, boring! She has a breakdown (well not really, I call it being a selfish bitch! Cmon, the dude you’ve been fucking for the last 5 years is waiting for you, standing there smiling like a jackass in front of a whole lot of people and you think of this now!) and needs the sagely advice of her mother or some other well meaning adult or a close friend who always ends up saying “You love him” and a stupid smile and a hug later, she finally walks down the isle.

So the marriage takes place. It’s always white women who go this nervous ritual. Never the black folk. Or Chinese/Korean/Pinoy/Indian etc. First world problems. Atleast you chose the guy you love. In some Indian weddings (and in other Asian countries), the women have barely met the guy!

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