Pregnant Clouds Burst Over Cochin City

For all the talk about it failing to rain when it is supposed to be raining, the clouds decided to give the city a long, cold bath. It rained quite a lot yesterday evening and some in the night. And then it rained and rained. It hasn’t actually stopped.

Today has been a cold day with clouds pregnant with rain water hovering all over Cochin, it’s bellies waiting to burst. When they burst we got drenched. We’ve had interludes of trickles; it seems as if the clouds were gearing up and reloading between heavy showers. This has caused floods in the city, because ofcourse Cochin is poorly infrastructured. Here’s a photo snapped by a fellow blogger download baby mama movie vantage point movie on his way to the movies. It’s taken on the main commercial street, M G Road near Parthas a famous clothing store.

The cold & rain has made me lazy and sleepy – I napped a bit in the afternoon. I’ve been watching Star Trek Voyager season 4 episodes and also watched a movie, Harold & Kumar : Escape From Guantanomo Bay download dead man s cards dvd (for the second time). It’s been a lazy day where I have preferred to be wrapped in a sheet and on my bed.

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