Pretty Average & Dull Week

This week has been pretty boring to say the least. Well it’s hardly much different from my usual weeks but the only difference is the timings of my work shift and how much time I spend online. With this work shift timings, 1:30 pm to 10:30 pm, I reach home by around 11:30 and watch some tv shows and fall asleep by 1:30 or so but I wake up only by 8:30 am and that gives me about 2 hours to be online. Half hour to rub the sleep from my eyes and go take a leak and brush my teeth and wash my face and then go get some coffee.

Breakfast and another cup of coffee will be while I am at the desk using my laptop and checking Facebook as well as Twitter, Youtube and blogging. That is so little compared to what I am used to. I do lose an hour and a half in the afternoon and an hour in the night going to the office and coming back home, which is something I wish we could adjust by atleast half an hour each way. That remains a distant dream. Anyways, lunch at the office has been distinctly bad – yesterday’s rice and curries were mediocre to be polite – and last night as I was really hungry but didn’t want too much to eat I asked for an egg fried rice but what I got was boiled rice with bits of scrambled eggs in it. And that too overboiled rice!

The good thing about yesterday was that at a meeting we were informed of new processes and businesses coming to the company. They are expanding by taking up another floor which will make it three in this building. Space has been and will continue to be at a premium for a while, as this expansion will be completed only by July. But that means a possible option at a change for me, which I have been wanting since January. I might look for something if it were possible.

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