Providence Road At Night Time

Evening folks, thought I’d share a few photos I took of my street, the street where I live, taken at night time. I took these pics during one of the night shifts that I did last month at my new job. While waiting for the company cab that comes to pick me and a few other employees, I thought the night time was a good setting for some photos.

Here is the path leading to the left from the gate to my building. This leads to the inner junction and if you keep heading straight you read the main road.

Here is a closer up pic of the road just in front of my feet. I kinda like this photo a lot.

And this the way to the right side of my building, where you head off to Cemetery Junction, Ayyappankavu and if you turn left you head towards the Ernakulam town railway station.

This is the junction point at the left side of my building. There are a couple of stores, shops and offices in this area. Nothing great or big, just the normal stuff.

If you turn right at the junction you head down this road at the end of which is a bus stop and the local police station at the other end. When I worked at Cyberdeal Infotech (in Koratty) I would come home late at night (between 1:30am and 2am depending on what time I got the bus) and I’d walk this way. It’s dark and creepy but I’d sing “I walk a lonely road the only one that I have ever know” to myself and come home safely.

The biggest eyesore is this garbage dump that is outside an old office which now is used as a storage cum dumping room for the owners. It stinks, it looks bad and I saw atleast 2 huge sewer rats hiding in the pile of garbage on one of the nights I was waiting outside. I hope there are no snakes.

Hope you guys like the pics!

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