Quatum Of Solace

Released 2 years after Casino Royale , Quantum Of Solace is a direct sequel of the former. The film also continues directly from where Casino Royale left off. This is Daniel Craig’s second innings as the legendary James Bond and his performance has won him lots of critical & popular acclaim.

bubba ho tep movie download However, I liked the previous movie a whole lot better. Craig’s performance non-withstanding, the movie isn’t as strong as it’s predecessor and I felt it lacked any real excitement.  Olga Kurylenko is a convincing Bolivian (although the actress is Russian) but she is probably the first Bond girl that I felt hasn’t lit up the screen with her sexuality. I dunno, maybe it’s only in this movie that she hasn’t looked at her best.

At times Dame Judy Dench’s, as M, approach towards Bond is almost motherly. Atleast I felt so and I wonder if this was intentional. But I loved the fact that the tough as nails lady seems a bit shaken up as her trusted bodyguard turns out to be a betrayer. She soon shakes it off and returns back to her steel nerves.

Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Greene is not the most memorable Bond villain that has been created but he probably is the most human. And his death is certainly memorable – after interrogating him, Bond leaves Greene stranded in the middle of the desert with only a can of motor oil. At the film’s conclusion, M informs Bond that Greene was found in the middle of the Bolivian desert with two bullets in the back of his head (presumably executed by Quantum), and motor oil in his stomach. walk all over me dvd

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