Questions Of The Fall

It’s been a while since I’ve answered a meme, so hope you like this one: Meg has asked all her readers some questions

1. What internet activity tends to drag you down the wormhole (endlessly clicking through photo albums on Facebook, daisy-chaining weird Wikipedia entries, reading about gadgets, celebrity gossip, price-checking on shopping websites)?

A. Clicking through Flickr for photos that peak my interest, or going through Youtube videos.
2. What one thing do you do every single week to maintain your sanity?
A. I have an hour or two long chat with a friend; she always makes me feel better.

3. What is your favourite kind of weather?

A. Raining throughout the afternoon and evening; it’s quite hot in Cochin, where I live.

4. Tell me all about your perfect fall day: where do you go? Who are you with? What do you eat? Extra points for detail (although I don’t know what you’ll do with those points.)

A. Go to Barista Cafe for a nice grilled smoked chicken sandwich (light but delicious), some cold coffee with whipped cream. Wander through the mall looking at stuff that I can’t afford to buy, then going to the mall opposite that to buy cheap dvds, and then going for drinks & lunch.I’m usually by myself. If not, I’d want my two best friends Madhu & Anil to hang around with. Drinks are usually vodka + sprite, food is varied.

5. If I went into your closet and stole one item of clothing, which theft would make you cry?

A. There’s my favourite shirt, it’s blue with strips and extremely comfortable.

6. Dedicate a song to someone!

A. For You by the Barenaked Ladies! I dedicate this…to the cutie from Bangalore!

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