Quick Evening Drinks

A bit of a let down! Actually a whole lot of a let down!

Yesterday after talking with a colleague I was interested in going to one of the more expensive bars in town and have a different kind of experience. I was showing him the pics I took at Velocity Bar & Restaurant and then we started talking about the more expensive bars in town. Loungivity in MG Road (part of the Avenue Regent hotel) is an expensive lounge bar that I’ve been to just once – back in 2007. The cheapest drinks there are Smirnoff & Absolut Vodkas which were Rs.180 for a peg! When you think that most of us usually pay between Rs.55-80 usually, that’s a whole lotta dough!

Another place that I wanted to visit was Couchin (rather neat to mix the words “couch” and “Cochin” together eh?) which is a big lounge bar owned by the Grand Hotel on MG Road. I’ve heard great things about the place but just haven’t gone there yet. Also I was told by the same colleague of a new place in Thevara which is next to Harbour View hotel. Gotta check out these places and also revisit the rooftop bar in Mercy Estate.

With all these great places to visit (2 where I have been only once and 2 where I haven’t been yet) I was eager to get my buddies together and have a great Saturday evening. So messages and calls were exchanged but in the end it fizzled out. Madhu couldn’t make it and Anil had to make it a very quick one. So in the end we went to Velocity and had 4 rounds of Gin (for him) & Vodka and we ate some good chicken and chapatties. It was good but it was so short in duration and I usually like to take it slow when I drink. But Anil wanted to go back to Thrissur at 9pm and a friend of his was waiting to pick him up.

I came back home, quite disappointed that the evenning didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. Well, maybe next time.

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