Quiet Weekend At Home

I had a nice quiet weekend this past week. I was alone at home for 4 days, which is a rarity for me and I wanted nothing more to do that sit at home alone and enjoy the peace and quiet. My folks went to Trivandrum with my sister, her husband and their youngest child, my niece Geenthanjali for four days. My sister and bro-in-law went to attend a few days of the international film festival in that city (they go every year) and my mom and dad went to visit my aunt who lives in Trivandrum. That left me alone at home from Friday evening onwards.

I left work at 5:30 pm sharp and reached home by 7 pm. I bought some sandwiches from an office cafeteria vendor for my dinner that night. I bought some coke from the corner store and some chips and so I spent the rest of Friday night drinking Coke and enjoying some cold but delicious chicken salad sandwiches for dinner. I watched a bit of Youtube and some episodes of tv shows and went to sleep by midnight. I woke up by 8 am and lazed about the apartment drinking coffee. The maid cooked rice and veggies and fish curry for me which I had for lunch on Saturday as well as Sunday. Dinner was a pizza which I ordered from SFC Plus with some vodka and I watched a movie as well as the Arsenal match on Saturday night.

I woke up late on Sunday, having watched tv shows till late in the night on Saturday. I skipped breakfast just like Saturday and again watched more Youtube and was online for a long time, ate the same lunch and watched another movie. Dinner was onion, cucumber & carrot sandwiches that I setup and I was in bed by 11pm and went to sleep as I wanted to be fresh for Monday. Monday night I reached home late as I was working 2 hours more and after I bought dinner from a small shop on MG Road, it was 8:45 pm. I have also been plagued by internet problems the past few days and that is driving me nuts.

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