Quite Day Resting At Home

Well the worst seems to be past me. I’m feeling a lot better but not yet 100%. Not even 80%. But I think I’ll be well enough to get back to work tomorrow. If only the office wasn’t air-conditioned for just a day or two but had huge ceiling or pedestal fans instead, I know that I’ll be ok. You know the huge pedestal fans that I’m talking about? There’s 3 or 4 of them in Oberoi’s Bar on MG Road that look like old 1940s jet plane propellers!

I had downloaded & watched Star Trek Generations last night. I’ve seen it a few times but it’s always good to see Captain Kirk & Captain Picard share the screen together. I tried watching Apocalypto this afternoon but my medicines made me feel very drowsy and about 20 minutes into the movie, I switched it off and snored away to glory. I was interrupted by phone calls but I did managed to get a little over 2 hours of sleep.

There’s a little work going on around here. The apartment has 3 broken windows (the winds can really get going and if you haven’t put the hook on your windows, the glass can crack or break with the force of the window banging against the outer wall) and so we had some guys coming over to fix that. Overall it’s been a quite day and other than handle some calls from my team, I’ve had lots of rest.

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