Quite Weekend In

I’ve been going out most weekends or atleast one day of the weekend, usually a Saturday, so much that I decided to take some me time and spend this weekend at home. Quite and relaxing and not doing much at all. I had 3 day off this week, Wednesday being a public holiday and I have chosen to stay at home for all three. Not to mention that I had a nasty cold and had a slight temperature on Tuesday so I ended up coming home early, after just four hours at the office.

I’ve been going out more, going for movies every other week, spending time in malls and going out to eat. There’s only so much that a guy who is almost 40 now can do. So I need to pace myself. Nothing exciting happening around town this weekend and no movies that I really want to see so stay at home, put my feet up, watching a bunch of Youtube videos and vlogs, catch up on tv shows and watch a movie or two. Why, that sounds lovely?

For dinner, I had some fried chicken but just before that I had some vodka and sprite and to be honest, I am missing my drinking. I haven’t had much in recent months even beers have been so little. You can’t drink at the theatres so I guess that’s why I haven’t been drinking much. I need to go restock up as well as I have run out of vodka.

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