Rags to Riches

How much is too much? I have no frikkin’ idea. I know that I don’t make as much as I’d want to, not nearly enough. I would love to make a whole lot more. I spent years in a lower salary bracket and hence couldn’t wait until I get a raise and then another and another. I remember cursing myself and my bad luck when, after a promotion i was told that my salary hike wouldn’t happen immediately due to the excuse of the recession and stuff. While higher management gorged itself on big parties, traveling with the excuse of doing reviews and meeting, staying in the finest hotels, renting the best cars, eating the finest food – all on the company’s expense!

I waited and waited and was then given another promotion, this time in grade but was told that the pay hike would be delayed for another 6 months. Again screwed! I was so upset and pissed off – ofcourse they didn’t expect anything less than 100% on your performance but they could hold back your due money. And no adjustment given to you later. What the fuck! And during that time I came to know how much some of the higher ups were getting – 9 lakhs per annum, 10 lakhs, 12 lakhs! What the heck are you gonna do with Rs.1,00,000 per month to those buggers and you can’t increase my salary by a few thousands after promotions? Not just me but a few others also got screwed in this way!

Post me leaving that company, I’ve been to two other but I haven’t been able to get my salary raised by that much. Just a couple of thousand more. So I don’t know what it’s like to make too much money. I would love to. The more the better. I’d like to get my own place, which is not feasible now. I mean buy my own place. I need cash. Kill some of these GMs & VPs and give me some of that money! I want bucket loads of it. I want to swim in it, like Uncle Scrooge in those cartoons.

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