Rain On A March Monday Night

watch control online Holy crap! It just rained over here. Thank you, thank you miserable & totally messed up weather due to global warming!

March isn’t really the time for rains but it sure is welcome to me and I’m sure a whole lot of people in the Cochin city area. This hot & humid day just had a good wash at the end. Just like me – I was home all day and I was sweating & stinking all day until finally at around 7:30 pm I went in for a shower. And now at 9:30 pm it has rained.

of mice and men dvd My windows are open welcoming the much cooler night air into my room. I went to the balcony to admire the area to my right getting a bath as the dusty roads and buildings revel in the shiny rain.

Thank you clouds, thank you!

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