Rain, Traffic, 9 Hour Work & Country Music

Now that is some rain! Last Friday and then last night and today. It’s been raining since mid-afternoon. It was raining cats and dogs and there was thunder and lightning in the middle of the day. It let up at around 6pm, enough for me to try and make it back home in an Uber.

Some areas of the city haven’t seen that much rain but in Kakkanad it was pretty heavy. I finished my work at 5:30 pm (having come in for work for the 8:30 am shift) and spent sometime having a cup of coffee with a colleague who is leaving us and it was his last day in the office. After that it was down to the rain and looking for an Uber.

We braved the traffic and it took much longer for him to get to my office gate and for us to get on the way to my apartment. And it may have cost me a lot more but I just wanted to get back home and relax in my lungi and in my room and have some black coffee sitting at the laptop and listening to Blackhawk – a country music band.

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