Raise A Toast

A dimwitted priest goes to New York for attending religious delegations & seminars. Along the way he also gets himself invited to many political & diplomatic functions & dinners. A few days before he leaves back to his hometown, he is invited to attend the retirement party of a highly prominent US Senator.

At the party there are many toasts in the name of the Senators. However, the best is said by the Senator himself – as he raises his glass of wine, he toasts “To the best moments of my life, spent in the arms of another man’s wife……..my mother”! with a smile. The priest doesn’t understand the roars of laughter at the Senator’s wit, until a sympathetic soul explains it to him.

Within a week of the priest returns back home, he is invited to attend a fund raiser where he begs to give a toast. After many turns, finally the host gives him the mic, whereupon the priest, with a smug smile on his face, begins : “To the best moments of my life, spent in the arms of another man’s wife!”

At this there are gasps and groans and people whispering all around the hall. Finally the host pulls the priest close and says “You have better explain yourself, padre”. The poor priest says “You’ll have to forgive me. I forgot the name of the bloody woman!”

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