Ramblings On A Sick Day

I was at home today having taken a sick leave from the office. I was feeling a little ill last night with a slight temperature and join pain. I knew I was gonna have to take a leave the next day but still waited a while. Last night I was feeling feverish as I went to bed and had a little breathing trouble as well. So this morning it was hard to get the energy to raise myself from my bed; even if I did wake up by 7am, I was in bed till almost 9am. So I took a leave and rested. Post breakfast (which was dry toast) and a couple of cups of strong, hot coffee I went back to bed at around 11am but couldn’t sleep so kept watching videos one after another. I managed to get up in between to have some lunch and then straight back to bed it was. By 5:30 am I was much better and as I type this at 8pm I am feeling much better.

As  I run my hand over my forehead and check out the receding hairline and feel the open real estate that is available for rent, I remember that once, many years ago, there used to be hair there! I didn’t always have this large a forehead. At these times as my fingers touch barren skin, I feel like Charlton Heston at the end of the original Planet Of The Apes as he sees the ruins of New York city and the statue of Liberty mostly buried in dry, arid sand (I too found one stray strand of hair where the once was a lot). And I think to myself “Damn you! Damn you all too hair!”

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