Rant Against The Stupid Useless Stuff

harper movie Sometime I wonder what the heck am I doing in this job. Arguments, let-downs, fighting every month for what is an essential right & a basic activity of my team with the idiots who push excel sheets in front of management’s face and brighten it by highlighting numbers. And management listens to the fucking tone of the “ka-ching” and any and all manipulations to squeeze some more money. That’s it!

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I am so tired today, mentally more than physically, after the absurd chase to work on a silly & stupid project that the clients somehow always seem to drop onto our laps. It’s so far away from what my actual role & job is that I feel like they are taking advantage of me. And they are so idiotic that a lot of changes have been made since the original download that it looks a whole lot of mess. Ofcourse me & my counterparts in other states have to clean up the mess and ensure that it happens and that it happens well. And ofcourse if it doesn’t go well, guess who will be blamed for it despite the fact that they have fucked around with the details to fit their stupid whims and fancies?

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