Rantings Of The Rosh

Five major thoughts in my mind right now…..

  • Religion, especially the two major Abrahamic ones and the harm that the fundamentalists are causing to the rest of humanity and to this planet. In their strong belief of a paradise in the unproven “afterlife” they are destroying the only home we have – our planet!
  • The state of the music industry – what the hell went wrong? From intelligent, fun, hummable rock songs played by competent & even proficient musicians and songwriters, the charts are filled with shitty lyrics, stupid songs and freaks who will do anything to make another buck!
  • India – are we going backwards? Will this nation ever improve?
  • I always get this feeling that I was born & am living in the wrong country. My interests lie elsewhere.
  • Why aren’t we part of the space exploring generation like they do in Star Trek?

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