Rapist & Murderer Gets Death Penalty

Back in February, Soumya, a young 23 year old woman who worked in a mall in Cochin was returning home to Shornur via the usual train that she takes. A vagrant named Govindachamy, approached her in the train and made sexual advances towards her which she refuted and tried to move away in the ladies only compartment. The beggar, who was one armed, followed her and assaulted her, hitting her head against the compartment wall and then pushed her out of the moving train and then jumped himself. He dragged her to an isolated spot and proceeded to rape her and then hit her head with a rock. She was found unconscious and taken to a hospital, where 5 days later she succumbed to her wounds.

From a total of 154 witnesses, statements of 82 were recorded before the court. The accused had been caught by the cops due to statements from eye witnesses. Witnesses who had seen him following her but didn’t know what had happened after that. Besides that, 105 documents and 43 pieces of evidence were produced before the court. The prosecution had produced documented evidence that Govindachamy was a habitual offender and was convicted in eight cases in TN from 2004 to 2008.

Govindachamy was found guilty of rape and murder by the special court judge, KN Raveendra Babu, on October 31. Special Prosecutor A Suresan had pleaded for the maximum punishment of death. Yesterday a Fast Track court here on Friday sentenced the accused – he was awarded the death penalty and a heavy fine. I hope he rots in hell, that bastard!

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