Raspy Voice And Cough

So I am home on a sick day from work as I am currently extremely under the weather. The weekend I had a sore throat and a running nose which by Monday morning developed into a cough, cold, sore throat & slight temperature. I went to work yesterday and by late afternoon I lost my voice. I sound like a raspier version of Don Corlene from The Godfather. “I gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse!”

This morning I am feeling a bit ok, though had a fever last night, took medicines and my voice is a bit better. But now I sound like I’ve just puberty – finally, at the age of 39! I left the office by 7:15pm and called a cab and bought some ayurvedic cough syrup (which tastes terrible by the way) and came home. After a quick dinner I laid back in bed and watched some tv shows after which I fell into a deep sleep and didn’t open my eyes until what…8am or so!

Today is just rest and relaxation. I am about to lie down and relax in bed for an hour before lunch and then even after, probably watching a movie or so and perhaps sleep for a couple of hours as well. Evening should be more of the same.

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