Reaching The End Of The Relaxation

My leave/vacation is coming to an end tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed these last 7 days of doing nothing other than reading, browsing the web, watching dvds, watching clips on Youtube and listening to a ton of music from my mp3 lists. I’ve attended a wedding briefly and then went to an apartment warming party.

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I’ve ventured out to coffee shops on a couple of days, reading a book and sipping cold coffee while munching on either french fries or a sandwich. I’ve had a few vodkas and a couple of beers along with some good food. The remaining 5 days, and today, I’ve been at home doing the said activities mentioned in the first paragraph.

A  couple of times, I’ve had to field calls from work. When it’s members of my team I have no problem since I want to help them out for any issues that they are facing. When it’s problems other than that I have tried to avoid it. But I no longer can, even if I still am on vacation.

Now that the vacation is coming to a close, I have some heavy duty work cut out for me. There’s going to be a ton of mail to sort out and issues to work out. My department’s performance last month was not good as indicated by the scorecard that we have to maintain. These all are due to outside reasons that I cannot control or ones that I can but not when my entire team is completely occupied with other stuff. Hence the good show that we have been showcasing these past few months have dropped down.

I’m ok with it since I have proof that my team and I have been occupied elsewhere and things were beyond our control. And no matter who else were in these positions it would have been either the same or probably even worse. But I am willing to roll up my sleeves and get to work. But I needed this break to recharge myself and get juiced up. clomid rates of conception

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So tomorrow I’ll go out, get me some good cold coffee, a few shots of vodka or beer and relax and get pumped up for the working week ahead of me. Back to work, relaxation is getting over in about 45 hours!

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