Rearranged Book Shelves Attempt-1

My books are kept here and there, arranged in hap-hazard manner across a book shelf and a built in cupboard. It’s been long overdue that I arranged things properly. It’s hard as there is almost no space and with work still going on in the apartment, the dust that keep getting accumulated means cleaning is a regular process. Anyhow I thought I should atleast give it a try and keep them in some order or the other. So here goes the first attempt.

Shelf 1 – Star trek books (2), 6 Stephen King novels, 8 John Grisham novels and 2 Michael Crichton books.

Shelf 2 – 2 Dan Brown books, 3 Anne Rice, 2 Sidney Sheldon novels, 2 Irving Wallace books, a Danielle Steel novel (ahem ahem), 4 from Jackie Collins, a book each from Richard Dawkins & Christopher Hitchens and 4 short novels in one pack from Reader’s Digest.

I still have a lot more books to organize. Over the next few weeks I might do some more organizing so the order of the books will change soon. But so far, not bad.

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