Rearranging 3 Things

If you could rearrange 3 things about your life, what would they be?

If it’s just rearranging:

  1. Different work office location; as in same company but closer to my place of residence and a different time shift for work.
  2. A different apartment and one of my own. Like why can’t I have a dead relative who was very rich and who left me like Rs. 1,000,000 so I can buy a really nice & big apartment and decorate it the way I want? Because that only happens in the movies, I guess. Or atleast not to people like me.
  3. I would like to have a more active social life. So having kept contact with old friends and getting to spend time with them once or twice a month would be great. With my 2 best friends no longer living in the country, I don’t go out as much with friends. So enhancing my social life with more get togethers and parties would  be good.

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