Recline On Me

Hey just in case you were wondering what you’d like to get me as a gift – look at that pic on the left side of this post. See the recliner in all it’s comfort glory sitting there? Well, that’s what I would like.

Joey & Chandler turned me onto the benefits of the recliner sofa chair and I so want an ultra-comfortable recliner (it’s got to be black) and place it in front of my tv, so I can lie back, put my feet up and relax.

I’d fancy one of those recliners that come with drinks holders or music stereos on sides of the headrest or mini-refrigerators build into the side. That would be awesome but even if it doesn’ have them it would be cool. I would play music on my laptop and relax in my chair.

So do you like the look of this recliner? When I see it, it seems to be saying to me “come here bad boy. Lay your body down on me, slip inside me and let everything else go”. That’s why I like this one so much.

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