Recruiting My Amigo

A couple of weeks ago, when I came to know that the current AM for Administration in our office had resigned, I asked the center head and the AM for HR if they would be looking out for a replacement from outside or would they want to fill the gap from within. At that time, they weren’t sure but they told me to send in a resume if I had anyone to recommend. And since my close friend Madhu currently works for a company as AM Admin, I thought he’d fit the bill.

He was working for a company in Paroor but wasn’t very happy there. Sure the post was that of AM but he wasn’t getting the kind of pay that he would get here. So I called him up and asked him if he was interested. Having worked for a BPO or 3, he knew most of the requirements and what the role would demanded. He was keen on getting into a company like the one I work for. I filled him in on the pros & cons and asked him to email me his resume.

Well, I circulated the resume and yesterday a Sr. Manager of Administration, who was in town, met me and asked me about Madhu. And today they asked me if I could get him into the office for an interview. Madhu came in around 5:30 pm and attended a 90 minute interview. This is round one and if he gets through the next 2 rounds and does better than the other 3 or 4 candidates who have applied for the post, then he will be selected and I will have an ‘amigo’ around in the office. That will be good.

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