Reliance Customer Care Connection Issue

Dear Reliance broadband customer care,

Or should I call it Reliance Broadband customer uncaring department. For the past almost a month your customer care call center is not available to customers in Kerala. It has become a tiresome and tedious issue when it comes to contacting you for either a complaint or a request or information on said complaint or request. For the past  4 weeks whenever I try calling your contact number 180030007777 I only get the IVR. I tried to register a complaint through the IVR, which does not seem to work and trying to get through to speak to an agent is a futile experiment.

My modem died out on me on Tuesday morning (29th April) and I tried calling the customer care call center but I wasn’t getting through. From 9:45 am on Tuesday till 3pm I kept calling but to no avail. I get connected to the IVR, enter all the numbers that you want me to and wait till I get connected to a customer care agent – but it just keeps saying “All our customer care representatives are busy on calls, kindly stay online, your call is important to us”!. For 3 WHOLE FAYS this is all I got. I stayed connected for 30 minutes at a stretch, waiting in the queue but I can’t get through. I kept putting my phone on speaker mode and continue doing other stuff, listening to the IVR saying the same thing over and over again for the past 3 days “I’m sorry! All our customer care representatives are still busy on calls. Please stay online. ” After 30 minutes the call gets disconnected and I try again. At 3pm I stopped dialling their call center and waited till 6pm and tried again, same thing till about 11pm.I had to go to a reliance hub where they couldn’t even listen to my complaint but gave me another number for broadband and then someone came to my residence and changed the mode.

Then now yesterday morning you suspended my account for delay of payment post due date. Fair enough (although no warning and this is the first time that you have done that). I went and paid my bill at a Reliance center and they promised me that it would be activated automatically but it wasn’t. Again I called the local number but they only work till 6pm. Your call center = ofcourse does not wok beyond the IVR. I had to call the appellate desk and have them transfer my call this morning to your call center to register a complaint and was given the information that you have shut down one of you call centers in Bangalore and hence customers ins Kerala (and some other states) cannot get through – due to technical issues. What kind of lousy service is this?

Shape up and get your things in order. Now I know you won’t bother to contact me (two years as your customer has taught me that but atleast your service was prompt and good so it didnt matter) but I hope you will read this and do something.

Sincerely yours
Roshan Gopal Krishnan

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