Reliance’s Service & Customer Care Is Lacking Professionalism

My woes with my ISP service Reliance Broadband service is reaching a peak! They are bending over backwards to piss me (and several other customers in this area) off and make my internet experiences a living hell hole. The past two months I have seen severely pathetic service and customer care from those nincompoops. I am fed up with the patchy service and pathetically impotent customer care that they provide and am looking to change ISPs. Getting 6 days of connectivity then 4 days of outage on & on is not what I am paying them for.

Once again their connection went down on Friday morning (July 11th) and I called their customer care to register a complaint. A technical representative of their came to the area and called me and by later afternoon I got the connection back. But by 8:30 pm the connection went down again and so I had to call up their customer care to complain again and I only got the connection back late this afternoon. Once again over 4 days of no connectivity and I had to call their customer care every day and their appellate office everyday before they fixed the damn thing. Despite asking for call backs and being promised call backs from their so-called supervisors I didn’t get any during the times that they mentioned. Their customer care agents, barring one or two, are incorrigible and lack any inkling of patience and are not capable of handling complaint calls and are not given adequate support by their superiors cause they can’t give me any reason for the long outages. The appellate desk is a joke and they were almost begging me to wait despite the TAT being over and their promises of call backs were also not met.

Finally today I spoke with one guy at the appellate desk, who I spoken with on Saturday as well and I raised my voice telling him that this is totally unacceptable and they should get back to their customer if call backs are promised. Although he told me that the feedback from the technical desk is that they will take a further 3 more days to fix the issue I got the connection back this afternoon at around 3:45 pm. And then – lo and behold – one idiot calls me from their escalation desk! He was rude, interruptive and worse – hadn’t gone through the complaints that were raised against my account. I gave him a bit of an earful and told him to get back to me once he had bothered to go through the issues and not just call me and say “Is your connection working now? Problem is fixed!” and actually use the brain he has!

Shit! I have already started looking at various plans from Asianet, Airtel and now I need to check out the plans from BSNL and even possibly go back to Tata’s broadband service. This is totally unacceptable!

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