The Days Before You Got Internet At Home

Ofcourse as it wasn’t so long back. I first got a broadband connection at home in September of 2006 and had continuously had it since, even though I changed my plan twice and changed my service provider once (around 45 days back). Before that I never had a connection at home. That’s right I first got internet at my place of residence at the age of 30. Woe is me. That was because we had money issues for a while and I couldn’t buy a new computer when my old, 1996 December old, system died on me back in 2003. It was on it’s last legs anyway and once it died on me I just couldn’t get enough money to buy a replacement.

In 2006 things got better after we sold our house and moved to the city area. Prices went down as well so I thought that this was the best time to get a new computer. I got one in September, built to my specifications and the desktop arrived within 2 days to my place. A month later, after checking out various options, I selected Tata Indicom’s broadband as my ISP and got the connection at home. Ever since then, I have pretty much been online all the time that I am at home and tv lost it’s appeal for me. In 2010 I sold what was left of my desktop and bought this laptop, which I hope to sell and upgrade to a new one in a couple of months.

So in the days before I read a lot of books and I watched a lot of tv. Every weekend would see me watch 4 to 5 hours of wrestling (WWE and WCW before it got sold to the former), movie and tv series. I was a big tv series guy and watch a lot of shows when I wasn’t reading or listening to music in my room. A couple of times a week, especially during the weekends, I would go to an internet cafe near my home and spend 3-4 hours there surfing the web, blogging, reading emails, etc etc. Now I can’t imagine only doing just that – I need my broadband every day for a few hours. For 3 weeks back in 2010, in between my desktop dying and me getting my current laptop, I was internet-less at home and it was boring to say the least. I did read a few books and watched some tv but I was bored outta my skull. Plus at the office they restricted all our internet access and it was emails only so I basically went off the internet map. For a lonely bachelor, there isn’t much to do when you are at home and there is no internet.

3 thoughts on “The Days Before You Got Internet At Home

  1. I used to read a lot more before I got the internet. In some ways I really miss it. I used to dive deep into the life of a book. Maybe I should be on the net less and read more….

  2. Well post the advent of internet, life has changed in a manner that is un-imagineable…
    old world pastimes books,outdoors,etc have taken a hit… Sometimes you wonder whether the quality of ones life has increased/decreased. Anyways got to embrace change and move on..

    what kind of laptop would you think of upgrading to anyway ? lots of new gizmos coming out every year..

  3. I’ve posted on similr points in the past. I get the prompts from and type up whatever comes to me at that time.
    As for a laptop, I want a cheap one Haven’t decided yet; when I have the money saved up, I’ll check with all my techie friends for the best options and then settle on a particular model.

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