Remembering Dreams

Ahem, yes I do and that’s why I name this blog as Awake & Dreaming.  I often remember some dreams and often I try to type them on my laptop so that I don’t forget the details. Handy thing right? Plus if you have a blog like I do, blog it on the next morning and you can always look it up at later dates.

Here are a few of them (onetwo, three, four) that I did remember to blog about. Sometimes I forget and sometimes they are so vivid. I remember this one dream I had when I was around 8 or 9 and I still remember every detail of it. It’s probably because I’ve told it to family members over the years that I never forget it. It really was a weird kind dream for a kid of that age to have. I don’t try to deconstruct dreams and find out hidden meanings. Some of them are pretty simple enough – I’m lonely, a bachelor (not by choice) and there’s no special gal in my life, so I do dream about a woman and falling in love and being together. You don’t a supercomputer to understand why I have those dreams.

And then I have some monsters, fighting zombies and weird creatures in my dreams – and that’s because I watch a lot of scifi and horror stuff. A few episodes of Buffy or Angel will bring the vampires & demons to life in your dreams. But I have had some weird dreams and then some that seemed so real that they disturbed me for days after that. And none of those involved the supernatural or aliens or things like that. It’s usually things or people from my past.

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2 thoughts on “Remembering Dreams

  1. It’s so weird because I usually NEVER remember my dreams.

    But, the other night, I had a dream, where I was being chased by an unknown scary person, and I was running, and running, and running, but the ground started to feel strange under my feet. Then I saw metal walls closing in on me. I looked down, and realized it wasn’t “ground” I was running on at all. I was running inside of a can of chick-peas. WTF is THAT?

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