Replicate This

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

I’d be repeating myself over and over again but this prompt is something that will give me the same answer again and again. I’ve said it before, I hate the fact that there are humans on this earth who do not get good food to eat 3 times a day or even food 3 three times a day. The poor, the hungry and the homeless without proper food, water or sanitation and no proper home to be safe at night. That is what I would like for us, humankind as a collective to change and get rid of the pain, hunger and thirst and poverty.

For this purpose, if I have been granted magical engineering skills I would built replicators. Food / drink, medicine, building materials, tools, other household items and clothes. And these replicators can be easily setup in every household around the globe and make it easy to build comfortable, stable and quick to build homes for everyone. So everyone – and each family can have a home – not only has a big comfortable house or apartment with great furniture, great food and drink and lots of it, medicine and stuff, clothes, some luxuries etc etc all at the press of a button. Brrrrr and it there for you. Need some stuff for the home or work – buzzzzzz and it’s there for you. All our needs met once it is installed.

And I will only need to make a few because a large one can replicate multiple replicators for people. Isn’t that great? That’s what I wanna make for people. Brought to you from the Star Trek universe. Courtesy me, your friendly neighbourhood Roshanman.

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