Reporting At The End Of Sick Leave

I’ve been sick for 3 days now and just getting better. Saturday night post leaving the office, I went to get some cold coffee and while at the cafe, spoke to my dad. As my mom had left for Palghat with her brother & sis-in-law and then staying over at my cousin’s place in Coimbatore for the weekend, it would be up to dad and me to spruce stuff up for dinner. He suggested ordering in food for Saturday night and so I opted for fried chicken from Chick King. As soon as I reached the apartment I order a 6 piece bucket with buns and a large fries. By then I started getting a little cough and my throat was a bit sore. We had dinner and then I watched a bunch of videos that I had downloaded.

Sunday morning I woke up with a bad cold that 3 cups of coffee did not cure. Funny, I thought that coffee can cure anything. So it was a slow day spent mostly on my bed, reading a book at times. By late afternoon I felt the start of a fever and I was getting a bad cough. I went to bed early that night even if I had taken a good long nap in the late afternoon. By Monday morning I was really sick. My throat was sore, I was coughing up flem, my nose was runny and I could barely sit up for more than 10 minutes. I called in sick and went back to bed. Lots of inhalation, cough syrup and strepsils helped but I was mostly lying on my bed and taking multiple short naps. I also drank some resum – with garlic, onions & pepper! And lots of hot coffee.

Today I was a bit better, especially around 10 am but still not well enough to go back to work. The cold ac will just make things worse. So I took today off as well and took the time to recover. My appetite and taste came back today after lunch – simple curry, veggies and rice tasted so good. I took a big nap during the afternoon and woke up to the sound of thunder. We didn’t have power for a good 2.5 hours as KSEB are just scardy cats who jump at the sound of a little thunder. It rained a lot more with lightning and thunder again this evening. I removed the laptop plugs and settled down for some light reading.

Dinner was light tonight and something that I wanted to have ever since I fell sick. Got some instant soup, cream of mushroom made from Maggi and toasted two slices of bread to go with it. Yummy & light. I love soup, especially when I am ill.

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