Republic Of Doyle: Dad-Son Detective Fun

In the past many years I have missed a dad & son kinda tv show. Having watched many tv series & movies with my own father, I’ve appreciated tv series where they have a father-son as the main protagonists of a show. My mind harks back to 1980s American tv series Crazy Like A Fox, which starred the late Jack Warden & John Rubenstein as a private detective-lawyer tandem and who solve cases together. Warden was the wise cracking gung-ho detective who dragged his reluctant lawyer son into trouble. Although the show only last 2 seasons & 35 episodes, it remains indelibly entrenched into my mind.

Which brings me to the fun & funny Republic Of Doyle, of which I just saw the pilot episode this afternoon after downloading it last night. The show stars Seán McGinley and Allan Hawco as Malachy and Jake Doyle, a father and son who partner as private investigators in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s very different from the American shows that I watch and the Canadian shows that I watch. But it’s a fun, energetic show that doesn’t take itself too seriously and yet entertains. It’s a version of the buddy cop tandem although it’s not buddies  but father & son here and it’s not cops but private eyes.

Adding to the plus points of the show is the location – the Atlantic Ocean hugging city of St. Johns is picturesque and beautiful, the accents (mix North American & Irish accents together and you get Newfie), a talented supporting cast in Liona Boyd – who plays Rose, Mal’s wife & Jake’s step mom, Marthe Bernard as Tinny – Jake’s smart mouthed niece, Rachel Wilson as Jake’s ex-wife Nikki & Krystin Pellerin who plays Sgt. Bennet, a cop and the new love interest for Jake. Shaun Majumdar guest stars in the pilot as Jake’s childhood friend who is in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Jake & Mal take the case to free him and hilarity & chase scenes are galore. Give this a try.

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