Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

A few years back I had a few new year’s resolution which I have kept or achieved. Things like starting my own website (a self hosted one rather than a or Blogger site), getting a new phone, get a new job with a much higher pay package, upgrade to a new computer – things that I have managed and done once or twice.

Things that I always feel I should do but haven’t achieved yet are things like losing weight, moving away from family and finding my own place, finding my soulmate and getting married… said soulmate. I wonder if these things will ever happen for me and it makes me sad that I haven’t done these by now.

On a lighter note I had once also put learning to cook something other than eggs & instant noodles and also organize my stuff much better. Saving a lot more money than I am doing now is also something that was major on my list and although I am earning a lot more these days, it just seems like I am not saving any more either.

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