Respectable Spectacles

Glasses, spectacles….I have been wearing them since I was 10 & a half years old. This month (can’t remember the date) will mark the 20th anniversary of me being a four-eyes boy. I can remember thinking that it was a huge deal for me to get glasses. Why? Cause my dad had glasses, my mom had glasses & my sis had glasses. We were the friggin’ glasses family. When the eye doc said to my dad that “your son will need to start wearing glasses”, I went “Whoo hoo”!

So I started wearing them and the first day it felt like I was wearing a ton of bricks on top of my nose. I hated them! I thought they looked cool but it felt weird having something on top of my nose although it made me see better. I wished at that point that it would only be temporarily…and here we are two decades later.

But I was excited about it; I thought it was so grown up. Yeah, I was 10 what do you expect me to be? So excited that when my parents & my sister were out the next evening and I was bored at home, I decided to call my grandma and tell her the news! What’s so nutty about that you say? I lived in Kuwait at the time and my grandma was back home in Cochin! Yeah, so fucking sue me already.

Anyway, I hear about these Lasik surgery; laser surgery that can rectify, among other eye problems, myopia. And I read about Zlanth from Ottawa (Canada) getting it done to get rid of his glasses. He seems very happy about it and is quite pleased to be spectacles-less. I have been thinking about doing the same myself, probably towards the end of the year but then I think : What will I push towards my forehead when I want to emphasize something I am speaking!

Song for the day – “Save Your Scissors” – CITY & COLOUR

2 thoughts on “Respectable Spectacles

  1. Your post reminded me of wearing glasses too. Only I wasn’t excited about them, I was horrified. That, plus they caused a fair amount of damage, as a person new to glasses usually gets.

    I’m so happy to not have to wear glasses now!

    But ironically, I like to wear sunglasses now. lol.

  2. Hey Zlanth, I wud love to wear sunglasses during the afternoon fire blaze we have going on here. But they wud look funny on top of my glasses. I used to have tinted glasses that looked really cool. I think I will get a new pair in March.
    Worst experience regarding glasses were when I got a new pair that they had kept too tight and it cracked under pressure! A piece of glass went into my eye and we had to rush to the hospital to get it cleaned. Luckily for me, there was no damage done.

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