Rest & Relaxation

So…..long weekend is almost over. I took Monday off for personal reasons and will only go back to work on Tuesday evening (office cab will come to pick me up at 5:15 pm and work is 6:30pm-3:30 am) and so it will be a long rest. And rest it mostly is as I didn’t go out this weekend at all, except a brief 20 minutes this morning for going to the ATM about a 4 minute walk away and then to the corner store to buy groceries. I bought some chips and a 7up for the day and vegetables for the next few days.

This Saturday, Sunday and today was spent mostly in my bedroom (get your mind outta the gutter – I WISH) sitting at my desk and using my laptop to go online. I watched a bunch of Youtube videos and relaxed and watched a bunch of my tv show episodes to catch up. Also I watched a movie (check yesterday’s movie review) and tonight I will watch a football game to close off the 3 day weekend. I drank some cognac and a Pepsi and this afternoon a 7up. I slept a bit more than I would usually do and ate a lot of chicken.

This weekend was nice, it rained a bit and was hence a bit more cooler weather wise than the last few weeks and I hope it continues. Next week I might go out for a few hours and might even look up that tattoo place that I have checked out online. Time for a tattoo – finally!

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