Revenue Towers & Kochin Food Mall

I was in Revenue Tower (near St. Theresa’s College) for the very first time today. I was there to meet a person who works in HR & Recruitment for a job consultancy and was there for about an hour or so. I decided to have lunch at their food court, which I had come to know has the one of the largest options of various food vendors in Cochin. I hadn’t even know about this place for a long time and thought I should check it out. Here are some photos.

I have to say that they could really do a lot with it. It was deserted the whole time I was there and one other customer came to sit at a table just as I was leaving. There was a 15 minute wait for the food to arrive. I do like their colour chairs and in one section they had some nice colourful designed floor tiles. But much like the entire building, the place is shabby and dull. Plenty of food stalls though. A shame this is not properly maintained or advertised to attract a big crowd.

I had decided to try out the vendor for NFC (Newyork Fried Chicken) which is a Indian owned restaurant (unsure if they are a single stand alone outlet or if they have a few outlets as they don’t seem to have a website). They serve food similar to KFC and Chick King. But they should keep someone who knows the language. Also he wasn’t sure what they had – he had to check and find out if my order was available. Plus they had no fries – which is odd as they have fries with most of the combo meals – due to some reason. And they had no Pepsi even though they had adverts for Pepsi all over their menu and especially in their combos. Very shabbily run stall!

I ordered the Garlic chicken burger with a piece of crispy fried chicken (as they didn’t have fries) and I drank water. It came to a total of Rs.155.  Below is a photo of the slightly mashed up burger, but it was hot and quite tasty. The chicken – not so much; it lack a basic ingredient known as salt!

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