Riding The Bus To Town

This is why I, at times, love long bus rides.

Today I got into a local bus that goes from just near my office in Koratty to the town of Angamaly. It’s a pretty slow bus route as they stop at every few meters to pick up passengers in this semi-rural area. At Angamaly I had enough time for a small cup of tea to refresh myself and before boarding the Angamaly to Fort Kochi bus.

As usual I was one of the first to sit in the bus and I chose the front single seat on the left and settled down to listen to mp3s on my phone. The lady bus conductor came to collect money for my ticket and I handed her a crisp Rs.100 note as I didn’t have the exact change required for my ticket to Kacheripady. She said that she would come back a little later as she didn’t have enough change to give back to me. I said ok and relaxed back in my seat. A few stops later, she came up to me and handed me a ticket and I gave her the 100 rupee note. But I saw that the ticket was for less than what it should be. Sure enough she gave me more change back! I asked “Did you make a mistake? The ticket to my stop costs more!” She just smiled and said “We’ll keep it that you got in at a later stop so don’t worry!” That was nice of her as I have been a regular passenger in this bus.

Also on this same ride this morning, I was playing with a young girl, tickling her and making her laugh. Now before you think all dirty thoughts, the girl in question was a babe! I mean a real babe, perhaps about 7-8 months old. She was getting a little cranky, cooped up in the bus and I was able to get her attention and played with her a bit. She was so into me – I guess the age bracket of women I can now charm is 7months to 70 years!! Her grandfather and mother beamed and smiled at us. Her mom was hot – there goes my dirty mind.

I also helped a middle aged man who got in the bus at Aluva and who slipped as he was getting in through the door. Due to the rains, there was some water on the floor and he nearly stumbled back and could have hit his head on the still closing double doors of the bus….but I grabbed his arm and helped me steady on his feet.

What else? Oh two hot women in sarees got on and were all giggling and laughing throughout, sitting just behind me and it was almost too much for me to handle. That giggling was turning me on!

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