Riled Roshan

I am pissed off! And I mean fucking pissed off; so mad that I could kick some major ass! Are all upper management guys supposed to be idiots, assholes & fuck alls? Is there a pre- requisite that demands all upper management to go to Asshole University and get a degree there? I mean come on people! Some guy shows up, VP or fucking jerkoff, struts his ass all over the place, pretends he knows a lot by showing slides of a company – which he has nothing to do with and is in Sweden for crying out loud – and tells us all these things that they did!

And he acts as if he was part of that company’s success and that he implemented a lot of those practices himself personally. Show me something that you did. And now he wants to stamp his authority by making certain things mandatory, things that they should have told us that we would have to do before we joined up. And this company does not at all behave like their 6 values. My ass! Everyone I spoke to agreed.

To top it off I overheard some asshole putting down my entire department cause he has a bug up his ass! He didn’t know that I was inside one of the bathroom stalls and I heard him saying shit. I spoke to some of my colleagues and they say that they have heard similar styled comments from some other people. We talked it over and we know that they comments are baseless. We are gonna teach ’em a lesson or two. Let us see how that particular idiot & the others like it. I am so pissed off, I need a drink!

Song for the day – “Slow Chemical” – FINGER ELEVEN

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