Ring Of Fire

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

Well I like spicy foods but not overly spicy and crazy heat that burns you as it goes in and burns on the way it goes out through your anus. Milder heat is good and adds some flavour and pizzazz to your food. And it tastes good. LIke some people don’t like the pickles you get get with shawarma. I love those and don’t think they are really hot but it’s a delight. Beside I can always lick some hummus or mayo that comes along with the shawarmas to drown the heat.

Some people think jalapenos are spicy! Geeze Louise, peppa cheese!  And some think the pickled cucumbers or carrots are spicy! Aww babies! Suck on some candy. I do like some spiciness but when they blow it out of proportion and make it seem like they added gunpowder to the dish, then it’s crazy. One time I was in a bar and along with my beers I was eating some pepper pork and they added way too much pepper to suit my taste. It was like they added some pork to a bowl full of pepper and not the other way round.

And some Kerala dishes like chicken or beef they added chillies by the dozen or even fish curries. Green and red and all kinds of chillies. I do think that having some of them will cure your cold and blow out your sinuses but not at the cost of sitting in the toilet with a red anus as you blow out some of that heat. Moderation is key!

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